• Institute for the Future Presentation on the Motivational Map

    This week I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Institute for the Future, persuasive technology conference in Palo Alto.  I presented a motivational profiling scheme we’ve been working on to tailor the various interventions associated with the Vitality GlowCap.

    Our goal is to reduce the complexity and cost of our services by only deploying services that are most effective for any particular person. Rather than bucketing people into a particular segment, our computational model is more like a PET scan.

    We find that different areas of behavioral susceptibilities may be simultaneously activated. This framework isn’t a classical marketing segmentation schedule for bucketing people. Instead, intervention techniques are prioritized and deployed against multiple ‘hot spots’. For example someone may be motivated to take medications more often if their data is shared with a physician (respect for authority) and the same person may benefit from text-message reminders (Loose organizational style). Ultimately we aim to motivate the largest positive and durable behavioral change at the lowest intervention and complexity costs.

    I’m eager to test our framework and get feedback.

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