• Why day-of-the-week pillboxes are evil

    Many people ask me why we didn’t design a smart pill BOX, as opposed to smart pill CAP. The short answer is that Vitality’s vision is to reinvent medication packaging for large populations of people. Frankly, after speaking to execs at CVS, Walgreens, Target and dozens of smaller chains, we couldn’t find a pharmacy willing to fill a BOX. In addition to the logistical challenge, they all said legally they¬†couldn’t separate the instructions from the medications. Last week I got together with Walt Berghahn, VP at Amerisource Bergin (a packaging company), and Chair of the HealthCare Compliance Packaging Counsel. He even has Bachelor’s degree in packaging! Walt says that day-of-the-week boxes are evil. Yes, evil–for the following reasons:

    1. Meds are separated from instructions
    2. Chemical interactions may occur between pills (like Iron tablets)
    3. Moisture and light change the absorption rates (like Metformin)
    4. Patients load them incorrectly, especially when their scripts change.

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  1. Threejay says:

    It seems a bit contradictory since AmerisourceBergen makes machines that package up to 6 different medications in sealed unit-dose packets – http://bit.ly/91j6gN.