• Vitality iPad data visualization shows realtime analytics on health behaviors

    When a pharma executive sees their own data and results with GlowCaps, they get very excited. And with Vitality‚Äôs cellular wireless technology, customers see results in realtime. That’s why we decided to give away an iPad to each brand manager to track their GlowCap results everyday. They see adherence data sliced by geography, prescribing physician, and any patient demographic attribute that you can imagine.

    The data also helps them ask questions like, what is the impact of direct-to-patient advertising on adherence? How should I deploy my sales resources differently now that I know not only which doc are high-prescribing, but which have high-adherence-patients? As one of our customers said “Our old data was lumpy and laggy.” Realtime data is power.

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  1. Joey Fitts says:

    Nice David! Particularly like how this guides analysis by “helping them ask (+ answer) questions” which are most meaningful.