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    Josh & me

    A personal note from Josh and me on the big day!

    Poor medication adherence has confounded doctors, pharmacists, and other entrepreneurs for decades.

    As we entered our 40s, we were prescribed chronic disease medications, and tuned into how our family members wrestled with daily adherence. We also discovered the incredibly high cost of the problem to society.

    We shared optimism that embedded technology — objects that do not look or feel like technology — can improve quality of life. We fixated on the ubiquitous prescription bottle to transform it from a simple package into a multifaceted service, offering feedback to individuals, loved ones, and their doctors and pharmacists.

    We set out to build a business that offered well-designed, personalized feedback loops to remake the daily pill-taking chore into a delightful, affirming moment.

    Along the way, we patented a “push to refill” button under each cap, designed escalating light and audio reminders which gently nudge, and a pattern recognition system that learns about you and recommends the best motivational techniques to get you to do what your doctor prescribed.

    To prove the system works we conducted a randomized research trial with Partner’s Center for Connected Health and discovered we could durably change people’s behavior, improving adherence by over 35%. With our product, that we dubbed GlowCaps, most people take their medications over 95% of the time! These results spurred major customers like Novartis and Express Scripts to adopt the product. And our partnership with AT&T created a magically-simple setup experience.

    With Dr. Soon-Shiong’s acquisition, we are expanding market reach and product depth. We are developing new products which inspire positive behavior related to diet, exercise, and stress to support a healthier future-you.

    Behavior has tremendous effects on health — for many, it is much more important than genetics — but effective tools are lacking. We believe GlowCaps are like seat belts: Once an option, today a standard. Our mission is to make connected packaging ubiquitous and develop other innovative tools which inspire healthy behavior.

    Thanks for your support and advocacy over the years with Vitality!

    Josh Wachman

    David Rose

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  1. Way to go David and Josh! All those challenges working with vendors to get good parts pays off. Your vision and dedication to better ways to inform and manage health get recognized, and people/patients get the system of support they’ve needed to suceed – congrats!! – Betsy