• Organizing the Exploding List of Enchanted Objects

    One of the biggest challenges of writing Enchanted Objects was organizing the ever-growing list of enchanted objects. Since I argue that we find these objects enticing due to our innate  psychological needs, it seemed most logical way to organize them by universal human drives. These drives have animated my own research–they are the fundamental human behaviors that make us tick, and they deserve the primary focus of product designers, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

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    • Omniscience. The desire to be all-knowing.
    • Telepathy. The desire for human connection.
    • Safekeeping. The desire to be protected.
    • Immortality. The desire to be healthy, strong, fully capable, and vital.
    • Teleportation. The desire to live unconstrained by physical limits.
    • Expression. The desire to create, make, and play in every form and media.

    Using this structure, I worked with Chris McRobbie to make icons out of the 50+ internet-connected things covered in the book–a Periodic Table, if you will, of Enchanted Objects. Each object meets a fundamental desire in a surprising, magical way. As you look at the wide array of enchanted every-day items, which would most satisfy your own needs? Which are the most generally useful? Which are the most groundbreaking? What’s the next everyday thing that should become enchanted, or that you will enchant?

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