David frequently speaks on product innovation and design, imminent trends in technology, and modern entrepreneurship at conferences, universities, and corporate venues. 

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Enchanted Objects

What’s next? How will the next wave of the wireless web and ‘little AI’ inevitably wash over the world of ordinary products to give them extraordinary capabilities? This talk approaches this question from a psychological perspective, examining human fantasies (omniscience, protection, immortality, teleportation…) with a futuristic lens. A fantastical fictional object from myth or pop culture is tied to a recent invention to prove that new products must psychologically resonate to succeed. Lastly, a framework for enchantment leads designers and executives to think about how to imbue their products with new magical capabilities.


Humanistic Product Design

Humans have an innate desire to know. The success of the internet is evidence of this, but current computing interfaces—smartphones, computers, etc.—require a remarkable amount of our attention. What if products took advantage of our peripheral cognition to make information gathering as easy as glancing at a clock? This talk explores how to take insights from perceptual psychology, wed them with technology, and apply them to physical products to help people know without thinking. It’s design with human nature in mind. From tracking weather patterns to stock prices, glancable designs combat information overload to create presence, awareness, and better decisions.


20 Startup Mistakes, 20 Startup Lessons

This talk for entrepreneurs offers instructive stories, drawn from five startup experiences in high-tech. It weaves examples from the last 20 years from producing LEGO interactive toys, inventing photo-sharing, the first Guitar Hero designs, to consulting with GM on the design of On-Star. When should you raise money and how much? How do you share equity with the rest of the startup team? Should your first evangelical sales target the industry elephants or rabbits? What is the pace and shape of the validation curve of a new business?

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  1. David: Just wanted to say great book. Very inspirational for students trying to grasp what “could be” in shaping the future. I have made your book required reading for our MA in Interaction Design program.
    Hopefully we can work you in as a guest speaker in the future.
    Thanks – dMeyers

  2. Enchanted Objects says:

    I’m glad you’re finding the book to be a great resource. Please feel free to reach out via email to discuss guest speaking: david.rose@me.com.

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