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Some believe the future will look like more of the same—more smartphones, tablets, screens embedded in every conceivable surface. David Rose has a different vision: technology that atomizes, combining itself with the objects that make up the very fabric of daily living. The Enchanted Objects of fairy tales and science fiction will enter real life.

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Enchanted Button that Tracks Light

Monitors bright light exposure, which improves your mood, energy, and sleep.

Enchanted Bicycle Wheel

Embeds the battery, electric motor and wireless control, so you don’t sweat on the way to work.

Enchanted Onesie

Keeps your baby safe by monitoring baby’s respiration, movement, and temperature.

Enchanted Thermostat

Learns your routines to heat or cool your house at the right times.

The Enchanted Objects Blog

“David Rose does not predict. He extrapolates the future from personal experience and technical fluency. His balance between a romantic humanism and scientific destiny is unique. His storytelling is intellectually rich, laced with history and never pedantic. Enchanted Objects is a truly enlightening read.” - Nicholas Negroponte, Professor and Founder, MIT Media Lab